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Use Database Cleaner for data cleaning and removing duplicate records
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Database Cleaner
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30 March 2014

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This is a data de-duplication tool that helps correct many problems with the data too.

You will be able to find duplicate records and clean up your databases. Finding duplicates in multiple databases or to find mismatches in database, correcting invalid email ids and correcting them, removing illegal characters, etc. are some of the useful features available. Most businesses have a customer list, mailing list, products or email lists in any database. Usually one of the popular ones like the MS-Access, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, MS-Excel, CSV Files and Text Files is used. This tool will be able to find all the duplicate records and help get them removed. It has an intuitive interface that is easy for novice users. Experienced users will be able to use it quite easily too. The interface shows the modifications you are making in real time. Doing the clean-up manually would be time consuming and very tedious. This automatic solution can do the job more efficiently and save you something like more than 95% of time.

Matching of two different database lists is a useful feature. It helps show entries which do not exist in the master list and give you the option to import only those records that do not already exist in the destination list. Usually such lists are used for direct mailing and email addresses on the list are important assets. This tool will be able to test that all the email addresses are in correct format. It is able to suggest corrections to these. When data is typed in to make a list, it always possible that unwanted or illegal characters get into the lists. These can be cleaned up too. This is a very good and useful tool.

Publisher's description

Database Cleaner will help you find and remove duplicate records and standardize your database list, you can easily match 2 separate database lists. Find incorrect email ids and correct them automatically, standardize database with proper case and remove invalid characters. DB Cleaner ensures that all the duplicate records are removed and the data is cleaned and well formatted.
Database Cleaner has been designed very carefully by a team of experts and professionals, who wanted to design a software which is not only the perfect tool for IT professionals, but for novice users as well, and they came up with Database Cleaner. If you manually try to do what it does, it will not only consume a lot of time but will prove to be costly as well. On the other hand, DB Cleaner can do the job and save your time, and that too with professionalism guaranteed.
5 special settings to clean and standardize your data
1) Find Duplicate Records within the list.
2) Match Two Separate Database Lists
3) Email Cleaner to find and correct invalid email ids.
4) Clean Up The Database From Improper Text
5) Find Out Missing Data
Database Cleaner
Database Cleaner
Version 1.2
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